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MSI Global Alliance (MSI) is an international association of independent professional firms. The firms selected as members have been through a stringent process that includes local endorsement and a personal visit from the London-based CEO or Chairman, prior to a final assessment by the MSI board.

In Australia and New Zealand, the MSI membership comprises seven legal and eight accounting firms located in the key business centres of Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney and North Sydney. As a membership grouping, our firms know that they have access to similar legal and accounting professionals all over the world. The fact that MSI Global Alliance has both legal and accounting firm members in the same group clearly differentiates MSI from other networks and associations. More importantly, those lawyers and accountants know each other well and have worked together on behalf of mutual clients – providing a smooth path into all Australian and New Zealand markets for inbound investors and business people.

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Why MSI?

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MSI Global Alliance Members, eminent lawyers and accountants across Australia and New Zealand, are always fielding calls and questions from their clients on all manner of local issues and matters - ......

Posted June 05th, 2017 by admin

Choosing a New Zealand accountant or lawyer

I was recently asked by a Singapore-based CEO about choosing a New Zealand accountant or lawyer and which professional firms i could recommend in New Zealand.  Naturally, I pointed out to ......

Posted February 24th, 2017 by admin

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Investing in New Zealand – Property Update

By Michael Woodward, Mackay Bailey, Accountants, Auckland, NZ. The May 2015 budget announced a number of changes to the information that must be disclosed as part of a property transaction and also introduced a new ...
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Preparing for an audit – tips for CFOs

By Aine Brennan & Paul Bunting, MSI Ragg Weir, Accountants, Melbourne. In order for an audit to run smoothly it is essential for all parties to plan adequately. There are 5 areas a CFO should ...
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