McKinley Plowman
Address Level 2, 5 Davidson Terrace,
Joondalup Western Australia
Phone Number +61 (0)8 9301 2200
First Contact: Dominic Rollerson
Fax Number +61 (0)8 9301 2201

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City: Perth, Western Australia
Main areas of expertise: Taxation, Business Improvement, Financial Management Consulting, Finance, Pensions Transfer, SMSF Advice, Investment Property Strategy, Brand Development

Member Summary

Firm Profile

McKinley Plowman (MP+) is one of the most successful privately owned, independent accounting firms in WA.

Over two decades, MP+ have developed a wide range of services and work systems that allow us to offer guidance and advice to clients who are at different stages of their personal and professional lives.

We have services ranging from accounting, taxation, business improvement, wealth creation, finance, pensions transfer, SMSF, Property, and our very own internal advertising and branding agency.

Main Areas Of Practice (in order of expertise)

  1. Accounting and Taxation Advisory
  2. Business Improvement
  3. Financial Management Consulting
  4. Finance
  5. Pensions Transfer
  6. SMSF Advice
  7. Investment Property Strategy
  8. Brand Development

Practice Overview

In 1997 Nigel Plowman and Murray McKinley established an accounting firm in Joondalup.  Twenty years after, the two-man show grew into one of WA’s largest and most successful privately-owned accounting firms.

Our people’s skill sets, like our services, are all different.

The McKinley Plowman team is comprised of certified practicing accountants, financial advisers, finance brokers, business improvement specialists, property experts, pensions transfer specialists, and brand experts.

Our positioning statement, ‘Partners for life’, is unequivocally justifiable. We believe we can positively impact on all facets of our client’s life journey. From first job, first business, first car, house, boat and baby through to insurances, wealth and retirement planning, we can be there for you. Partners for life.

Location and Main Practice Areas