Australia and New Zealand’s most visible brands 2013

Qantas_Brandmark_Vertical_PMSCoke, Myer, Air New Zealand, Coles, CBA, Kiwibank, Qantas and Specsavers clear-cut ‘most visible’ brands in their categories

Brands have a constant presence in our daily lives, yet what differentiates a successful brand from others to give them a coveted position in our minds? Our recent MSI Global Alliance quarterly survey asked clients of our Australian and New Zealand member firms to tell us which brands are most visible and least visible, based on gut feel, across a wide range of categories.

The Winners

Most Visible Brands in Australia Most Visible Brands in New Zealand
AAMI 45% AA 42%
Budget Car Rentals 31% Air New Zealand 81%
BUPA 51% Countdown 48%
Chemists Warehouse 37% Kiwibank 52%
Commonwealth Bank 55% The Warehouse 49%
Myer 60%
Qantas 51%
Target 46%


Most Visible Brands in both Markets
Coke 89%
Panadol 48%
Specsavers 72%
Toyota 34%

Consumer sentiment
The survey asked participants to select their brands of choice from a total of 18 categories ranging from cars to airlines, insurers to retailers large and small. The tables in this article show some of the winners, with percentages relating to their share of the ‘most visible’ vote in their particular category.

What is clear is that consumers in Australia and New Zealand have a strong connection with brands that appeal to all demographics. Brand visibility, however, is on one level all about the connection between significant marketing budgets and memorable advertising. On another level, some brands have become so omni-present that almost nothing can dislodge their visibility, even when it is hard to put a finger on their advertising campaigns – Coca Cola is a great example of this.

What is perhaps most interesting about the results of this survey is that the businesses which appear to have strong public momentum have come out on top in what is intentionally simply a survey based on immediate ‘gut feel’.

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