Numbers are Only Part of the Story – Australian Accounting Firms

Sometimes numbers only tell part of the story…

And leave so much opportunity for each of us to make a greater impact in the lives of so many others.

Australian Accounting and Law Firms in the MSI Aus NZ group share the purpose of positively impacting the lives of many. When we look at the growth of the Aus NZ area it tells a story that inspires hope.

$341.8 billion… and rising in Australia.

Let us take you back to


200 People

$6.4 Billion


The year that the AFR’s Rich List was first produced. The entrants on the first Top 200 list had a combined wealth of $6.4 billion.


200 People

$341.8 Billion


The total wealth of those on the list has increased by over…

5,200% in 35 years.


Australia’s richest 200 have significantly increased their wealth in just the past 12 months, with the 2018 list reporting a total wealth of $282.7 billion.

An increase of $60 Billion in just 1 year.


This increase can be partly attributed to the list now including some wealthy families, however, for the most part, the rich are just getting richer.

This is good news, potentially GREAT news.


With the increase in wealth comes a great opportunity to make a meaningful and sustainable impact in our communities. and not just with handouts or cash, although this can be impactful in the short term and just what is needed to address the issues now.

The real impact can be made by providing the segue and support, to allow people to build their self-esteem, skills and experience and provide pathways so that they can design their journey forward.

To create a future that has more meaning and purpose, on many levels.

A future that will allow them to build a platform to take care of themselves and their families and to then build wealth to provide a sustainable future for others.

The real power is in continuing to provide opportunities for individuals and our community to build a better life, a better business and ultimately a better world.

Every journey starts with one step – as Australian Accounting Firms, and Law Firms, understand.


And the decision to make the best choices each day on how we invest our time, energy and resources.

Every person in business has an opportunity to make an impact, perhaps one that is far greater than the one immediately related to making the products or delivering the services to our clients each day.

The challenge and opportunity is to build more moments of connection, in our quest to build trust, which Australian Accounting Firms, and Law Firms, understand too well.

When we build trust we can collaborate and create greater outcomes through leveraging our collective wisdom, experience and resources.


The health of our tomorrow depends on the actions we take today.

Let’s focus on designing a future where many more can share in the wealth that we create together today.

To get in contact with the author of this article, Alec Blacklaw, and hear about his work and involvement with the MSI group – please contact us here

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