Becoming an MSI member

Becoming an MSI Member

MSI Global Alliance CEO Tim Wilson, based in London, was present along with a number of global board members at the March 2016 Asian Members’ Meeting in Singapore. In this video, Tim talks to us about the pathway to becoming an MSI member and what it takes for firms to be selected – covering the full process prospective firms undergo and the rigour applied by the MSI Board to approving firms for membership.

In addition, he outlines some of the key meeting activities and other initiatives that bring member firms together over the course of the MSI year, for the benefit of their clients.

Within the MSI Global Alliance Australia and New Zealand group, there are 14 member firms and all have been through the process, prior to joining. The earliest member firms have been with MSI Global Alliance since 1990, when MSI was originally formed. On a local level we like to point to individual firms as examples of what a great firm looks like. In this instance we link to our Hunter Valley NSW firm, Cutcher & Neale. Follow the link to see the breadth and depth of service on offer – and you’ll quickly understand why the firm was selected for membership in MSI Global Alliance.

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