Business improvement in the UK: Australian-style

bip-imageBy Alec Blacklaw, Blacklaw Advisory, Business Advisory, Melbourne.

MSI’s Melbourne specialist member Blacklaw Advisory recently launched its Business Improvement Program (BIP) in the UK in collaboration with Armstrong Watson, MSI’s accounting firm member for the north of England. BIP has enjoyed great success in Australia over many years and the foray into the UK market brings an Australian flavour to UK business improvement mentoring. With its mantra of making businesses ‘more profitable, valuable and enjoyable’, BIP can now count UK businesses as ambassadors for the program alongside their Australian counterparts.


The two-day Business Improvement Program event was created by Alec Blacklaw who designed it to help owner-managed businesses improve their performance. For the UK audience, Alec was joined by British Olympic middle-distance running legend Steve Cram and other high-achievers – as fifty selected business owners came together for a two-day, live-in course where they learnt nine key strategies to boost their businesses.

9 Key Strategies

The nine key strategies are supported and brought to life via a combination of business best practice, case studies, and practical exercises – with breakouts allowing delegates to tackle whatever challenges or opportunities they are facing in their businesses.

BIP UK covered the following key success strategies including:

  1. The Importance of Passion, Focus & Capability
  2. Beginning with the End in Mind
  3. Making Your Business Fly in a Digital World
  4. Getting the Best out of your People
  5. Staying Alive in Business
  6. Moving Towards a Larger Business
  7. How to Build Your Brand in the Digital Economy
  8. Leadership & Culture
  9. Building Value & more Options in your Succession/Exit Plan

Speakers who worked alongside Alec Blacklaw and Steve Cram include Paul Dunn, who was one of the first ten people in Hewlett Packard in Australia and has spoken at the influential TEDx conferences four times; digital guru Simon McCaskill, marketer Adam Gray and Richard Rankin and Matt Osbourne, Business Advisers from Armstrong Watson.

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