Business Migrant and Investor visas for New Zealand

NZ Investor VisasBy Michael Woodward, Mackay Bailey, Accountants, Christchurch, NZ.

This article looks at the investment-driven options available to foreigners wanting to migrate to New Zealand, using one of the country’s easy-to-understand ‘investor’ visas.

Migration to NZ

Migration to New Zealand is a sought-after prize for many because of its strong economy, growing population, relaxed lifestyle, excellent education system and developed nation status. It has a long tradition of stable government with its rule of law background based on the Westminster system. The country enjoys close relationships with Australia, with Asia’s growing economies and also with the UK and USA. It is an especially popular business and investor migration destination for people from all over the world.

Investor Visas

Investor Visa options allow individuals a number of different routes into the country and allow for temporary and permanent migration, depending on the amounts of capital invested into the New Zealand economy. It is possible to buy a business, invest in commercial property, listed or unlisted equities, government backed or corporate securities and more – all provide options while securing medium term and permanent residency visas.

New Zealand Investor Visa Categories:

  • Investor Visa
  • Investor Plus Visa
  • Entrepreneur Visas

These visa categories offer temporary to permanent visa pathways. Investment timescales and business longevity must be between six months and two years before permanent residency is allowable.

$ Range: entry-level business investment at NZ$100k to investor plus scheme of NZ$10m+.

The table below sets out simply and clearly the three main options. It’s important to understand that they also allow the visa holder to travel in and out of the country during the life of the visa and also allow the holder to bring members of their family unit with them too – while, and very importantly, transition to permanent residency under the terms of the local scheme.

Having reviewed the table, if you would like to gain further information, please select the visa of your choice and email us here – we will refer you to the right professional starting point within the MSI New Zealand membership.

Importantly, understand what is the extent of your interest, which of the three visas you qualify for and whether you are genuinely ready to make the move.

New Zealand Visa options – Investor Visa, Investor Visa Plus and Entrepreneur Visas – at a glance

Investor Visa











Investor Visa











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