Doing Business in Australia and New Zealand

By Hudson Kasper, Auckland, New Zealand

Some of the big questions facing companies when they choose to do business in another country include: ‘how business friendly is the country?’, ‘what is the best business structure to adopt?’, ‘what are the tax rules for local and foreign corporations?’ and ‘what incentives are available for inbound investors?’. These and many related questions can be answered on an ad hoc basis, one-by-one, or they can be covered off by selecting the right professional team from the outset. When it comes to doing business in Australia and New Zealand, MSI Global Alliance is strongly positioned to supply the right professional team from within its membership.

The association is the premier grouping that includes both legal firms and accounting firms in its membership and, while independent of each other, they have experience of working together on inbound client work – and on work that they refer to one another locally on a day-to-day basis.

The multi-disciplined membership and regularity of contact between MSI members together provide a great incentive for the foreign corporations doing business in Australia and New Zealand for the first time: it ensures that legal questions, tax-driven questions and accounting and audit questions can be dealt with holistically. Liaison between the lawyers, tax consultants and accountants is effortless and, the issue of how the company came to select one or other of the firms is immaterial – the firms are all used to working under the leading hand of the initial contact. Sometimes that starts off with the accounting firm member in the leading role and sometimes it starts off with the law firm member in the leading role.

Adding to this seasoned approach to client work, MSI Global Alliance has membership coverage across the key financial and commercial centres in Australia and New Zealand. This gives businesses and individuals – be they from overseas or from within Australia and New Zealand – certainty that they will not be limited to expertise in one locality; rather they will gain access to integrated local expertise in multiple centres.

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