How to get the edge and build trust in this disruptive digital economy

digital economyBy Alec Blacklaw, Blacklaw Advisory & The Business Improvement Program, Melbourne.

Anyone who has ever started a business or is leading an organisation right now knows that the challenge and opportunity to create something of real value and which is profitable is a constant challenge.

This has never been truer in this dynamic, disruptive and digital world in which we live now. Where everything we do or don’t do can be broadcast in seconds across the world – both good and bad.

Founder of The Business Improvement Program Alec Blacklaw interviews some of the experts who spoke at The Business Improvement Program in Sydney and Melbourne this year:

  • Google’s Simon McCaskill
  • UK’s Social Media Expert Adam Gray
  • International Speaker and Author Kerrie Phipps

On how to:

  • Maximise your impact in digital marketing and improve your Google ranking,
  • How to design effective social media strategies that connect
  • How can we build trusting relationships that produce win, win-wins.

I strongly recommend you Listen in and Listen up and you will not be disappointed. Click here to watch and get some amazing tips.

There are a number of gems that you can take-away and apply to your business right now… and which will make a huge impact if properly implemented.

A warning – there are no quick fixes although with clarity of purpose and strategy you will see green shoots appear quite soon. This may involve being prepared to examine some of the so called “truths” in terms of what is critical for your success and what (if anything ) really makes you special.

We know that you are probably expert or awesome in what you do, however you may not be communicating your purpose and value so that your audience is really engaged and listening. In fact you may be able to give them a better reason to care.

Building trust cannot be rushed and once we feel a lack of authenticity we shy away or worse still we back off entirely. This challenge is made even more impactful in this disruptive and digital economy where you may never get a chance to have a one-on-one meeting.

In many ways though, it is the very challenges that we tackle throughout our business journey as a leader that make it all worthwhile and force us to grow into a better version of ourselves. And along the way we find our real purpose and why anyone should care about us, our products or our services.

The challenge to build real trust with our team, clients and community has never been tougher.

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