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MSI Global Alliance Members, eminent lawyers and accountants across Australia and New Zealand, are always fielding calls and questions from their clients on all manner of local issues and matters – that is of course the bread and butter of their workloads. We are finding though that we are now starting to receive more and more contacts and questions through this website. As an information provider, that’s exactly what we expect but it is fantastic to see what a broad base of questions we are receiving about business (and individual / private client) advice for Australia and New Zealand.

From the various types of investor class visas in both countries to property acquisition and good old fashioned audit questions, the variety is constantly engaging – and, most importantly, we can provide real value in our answers. Given the nature of this site, the vast majority of questions come from third parties who are not previously known to us and we have structured the way we answer questions to be non-billable in the first instance. Again, this is something you would expect, in the same way that a new enquiry on a local level is traditionally deal with via an obligation-free meeting to discuss the issue and consider compatibility as well as fees. However, we also know that there are potentially better ways to do things, especially when you are working across borders and timezones with people who are looking for access to the best professional service providers in countries they do not know well themselves (i.e. Australia and New Zealand). So, over the next few months, via this website the members of MSI will be putting forward some very exciting ‘packaged services’ that are geared to assisting businesses and investors from around the world to access the Australian and New Zealand markets more effectively from an investment and acquisition basis.

Watch this space – and subscribe to the e-mailing list on this site if you would like to be kept abreast of developments, as they occur.

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