Key Elements of Good Customer Service

msi - customer service 2By Leah Smallman, MSI Ragg Weir, Accountants, Melbourne.

In my experience there are four key elements to good customer service, focus on these and your clients will be happy.

  1. Be Interested:  Ask open end questions.  What have you been doing lately?  When is your next holiday?  How are sales this year compared to last year? This sends the message that you are interested in them and their business.
  2. Listen and remember: Listening to the client makes the client feel important but remembering what they have told you and acting on the information in the future shows you are genuinely interested. Remember what the client wants and when. There is nothing worse than having a client conversation and then sending an email asking about something that you have already discussed.
  3. Care: Caring is about stepping into the client’s shoes. In our business we are our client’s conduit for many complex situations whether it is providing tax advice or ATO negotiations. It is important to know your client’s level of understanding and pitch the correspondence appropriately.Train ourselves to stop and consider what we are writing or saying: have we removed or explained the jargon? Why we are corresponding with them? What do they need to do? When do they need to do it by?
  4. Promise only what you can deliver: We tend to assume clients want everything urgently, however if asked the question most clients say “no, tomorrow or next week is fine”. Now you have breathing space and you have the potential to deliver earlier by committing to Friday and delivering on Thursday, fantastic!

Basically everyone wants to feel important and cared about. Good customer service is about valuing your relationship with your client and treating them with respect, this is simply done by:

  • being interested in what they do;
  • listening and remembering what they say to you;
  • showing you care with clear communication;
  • sticking to commitments.

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