Aitken Partners
Address Level 28
140 William Street
Melbourne Vic 3000
Phone Number +61 (0)3 8660 6091
First Contact: Andrew Blogg
Fax Number +61 (0)3 8600 6070

City: Melbourne, Victoria
Main areas of expertise: Commercial, Dispute Resolution, Taxation, Property and Employment Law

Member Summary

Introducing Aitken Partners

Aitken Partners has prospered for nearly 90 years through a combination of professional, personalised service based on sound advice and a careful focus on our clients’ needs. We are dedicated to providing advice that is underpinned by understanding and commerciality, including the provision of true value for money. In choosing Aitken Partners, our clients observe this behaviour and approach in all that we do.

We understand the legal requirements of our clients can be diverse and often complicated. Aitken Partners has the depth of talent and capacity to perform across a range of areas including commercial, dispute resolution, taxation, property and employment law, with quality performance in each area.

Our clients can expect:

  • legal excellence
  • a wealth of specialist expertise
  • substantial experience of relevance to the public sector
  • proven credentials for difficult matters
  • a valuable range of additional services, without charge
  • effective technology, practice tools, and dependable workflow processes
  • an efficient service model, with partner input to and strategisation of all files
  • highly competitive hourly rates, blended fee options, and many ’no charge’ disbursements.

Aitken Partners not only has experience, we also offer one of the largest complements of Accredited Specialist lawyers in Victoria, with specialists in Business Law, Commercial Litigation, Wills & Estates, Tax, Property Law and Family Law.

Approach to managing legal matters and client relationships

Overall Aitken Partners has a modern management structure, with an executive team and a corporate structure that reflects the core business of providing top quality legal services at competitive rates. We have nine partners and a further 25 lawyers. Our clients find the partners and their practice groups presented in this capability statement to be flexible, easy-to-deal with, and outcomes focused.

Within each practice group, individual partners are responsible for the effective management of their teams.

Our clients benefit from the consistency of advice, management and easily identifiable points of contact across the firm.

We have a number of protocols in place to ensure the effective management and allocation of resources:

  • Each practice group leader is responsible for appropriate delegation of work within their team, so that the work is undertaken by the most appropriate team member based on experience.
  • Time entry records are checked regularly. Any recorded time which appears to be abnormal is investigated to ensure that the relevant fee earner is not working beyond expected capacity and is recording time appropriately.
  • During each practice group’s regular meetings each lawyer is required to indicate personal workload thereby enabling us to determine under/over capacity of any individual or team.
  • The Executive Committee reviews work in progress on a fortnightly basis and, among other things, assesses the workload of our lawyers and practice areas.

These systems and procedures enable us to manage workflow, anticipate and plan for any unusual variation in workload including, if appropriate, undertaking recruitment of additional staff as required.

Location and Main Practice Areas