Keegan Alexander
Address 12/63 Albert St,
Auckland, 1010,
New Zealand
Phone Number +64 (0)9 307 2610
First Contact: Andrew Barratt
Fax Number +64 (0)9 303 1829

City: Auckland, North Island, New Zealand
Main areas of expertise: Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Property

Member Summary

The firm dates back to a partnership formed at the end of the Second Wold War between Tanny Keegan and Jack Alexander. Tanny Keegan had an extensive commercial and property practice and Jack Alexander was a formidable litigator. These dual strengths are reflected in the firm’s present six partners who remain committed to maintaining the standards set by our founding partners. They are supported in that endeavour by two previous partners, Michael Friedlander and Jacqui Sibbald, who continue to support the firm as consultants as well as committed, efficient and able legal and support staff.

Current Practice

Andrew Barrett and Matthew Pasley head our commercial, property, corporate and commercial law departments. They are supported by Michael Friedlander and Jacqui Sibbald, as well as an experienced solicitor, Jayne Williams.

In addition, we have the benefit of the experience of Judith Shea who manages our trusts and estates department.

Peter Spring, Peter Napier, Frank Rose and Sean McAnally are our four litigation partners. They have the support of Nicola Pye, Beverly Hojabri, Amanda Hyde and Calantha Peter as well as that of Jennifer Perry who is an experienced and able family law practitioner.

The firm prides itself on providing sound commercial advice at competitive rates. Due to our compact size clients have greater access to and receive personal attention from the firm’s senior practitioners than larger firms can provide. We do not disclose our client base but it does include:

  • A number of Auckland largest private landowners and property investors;
  • A significant number of other high net worth individuals and private companies;
  • Many of New Zealand’s insurance companies and underwriters;
  • A number of overseas insurance companies and underwriters;
  • Some of Auckland’s leading insolvency practitioners.

The partners and consultants at Keegan Alexander are all experts in their respective areas of law. Several have a wealth of experience gained in some of New Zealand’s largest law firms and all have proven track records in their chosen fields.

Location and Main Practice Areas