Patterson Houen & Commins
Address 5/53 Berry St, North Sydney
New South Wales
Phone Number +61 (0) 9954 0000
First Contact: Rod Commins
Fax Number +61 (0)2 9954 0144

City: North Sydney, New South Wales
Main areas of expertise: Commercial Law, Superannuation, Estate Planning, Succession Planning, Migration, Industrial and employment law, Intellectual property, Conveyancing, Property Development Law, Litigation, Insolvency and reconstruction, Private Clients

Member Summary

Fast, effective, personal service for clients.

Patterson Houen & Commins has a rich history of successful client service going back over seven decades and offers a wealth of experience to clients. Our partners are actively involved in all work undertaken for clients.

We solve problems. We provide practical advice and solutions based on a full understanding of each client’s immediate and longer term needs. Our aim is to provide fast and effective personal service together with the highest standards of integrity and excellence.

Whether you are an international business wishing to operate in Australia, or an Australian business seeking to operate internationally, our team has the knowledge and resources to assist your business.

Through our membership and association with other MSI members, Patterson Houen & Commins can provide you with services including advice in the following areas:

– Appropriate legal establishment, company, branch, joint venture etc;
– General taxation consequences of the establishment;
– Local taxation and duties;
– Local stamp duty;
– Industrial relations and human resources questions including service contracts and superannuation;
– Intellectual property questions (including trademarks, copyright and trade secrets);
– Directors and corporate officers;
– Trading conditions;
– Trading and business requirements including Trade Practices and Fair Trading legislation;
– Occupational health and safety questions;
– Environmental consequences of the establishment;
– Leasing or purchase of premises; and Finance.

Location and Main Practice Areas