Modernise your ‘books’… and your business!

Nearly all business activities have a financial consequence which needs to be recorded or reflected in the businesses accounting system.
Sending invoices, banking sales, paying bills, transferring wages, taxation payments, dealing with paperwork and hopefully making and keeping a profit all happen day in – day out. For many small businesses these actions may even need to be done be at night, or on weekends!

The bigger or busier your business is, the more it is important stay on top. You may even be at the point where you need your accountant to review your numbers and help you with your management decisions.

However keeping up-to date is not that simple – we hear many justifications or excuses

  • My computer is too old or too slow
  • My software is out of date
  • I am bogged down with paperwork
  • I’m no good at bookkeeping, but it costs too much to get someone else to do it for me
  • My business is spread over multiple locations and I can’t stay on top

Advances in computers, phones and the internet have combined to create an opportunity to solve many of these problems and challenges.

The bigger or busier your business then the more it is important stay on top. You may even be at the point where you need your accountant to review your numbers and help you with your management decisions.

Everyone is talking about ‘The Cloud’

Most will have by now heard of ‘The Cloud’. When you cut through the jargon, it is pretty simple: people access and use software applications that exist on the Internet, as opposed to those programmes living on the hard disks inside their computers.

Information and data is stored in larger, internet connected data centres with sophisticated login security and regular backup procedures, much like banks with their internet banking and your account data.

Rather than buying expensive clunky software you can use the internet to access world class, highly functional, industry specific ‘applications’ for potentially a much lower cost.

iPhones and iPads are becoming the ‘computer’ of convenience, always handy and available.

Xero – the world’s easiest accounting system!

Xero is an ‘on-line’ accounting software that’s giving MYOB and other software users a real business improvement alternative.

Daily bank feeds means less data entry and simple effective ‘coding’ and other automated information matching reduces data entry and ‘bookkeeping’. Easy and effective payroll is now available and combined with email integration and on line data storage, there is much less paperwork. Bookkeeping and admin headaches can become a thing of the past.

We have even heard of tradesmen emailing their invoices at the end of the day from the pub!

If more specialist or sophisticated functions such as project management, job costing or multi warehouse inventory are required there are a growing number of ‘Add-on’ partners who integrate with the Xero accounting functions.

Not just easier – create a better business!

Would you like to

• achieve more?

• improve your bottom line & lifestyle?

• grow & modernise your business?

• look to the future with confidence?

Progressive business owners and their advisors are using Xero and the internet to see cash flow & trading performance in real time. With a regular collaborative approach, better business decisions are made, giving you the edge in these changing and challenging economic times.

Hattam McCarthy Reeves is a Xero certified Silver Partner and one of the state’s progressive on-line accounting advisors.

With modern communication tools we can work together with our business clients, whether in the city, the country, around the nation or across the world!

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