MSI Members care for clients

MSI Members care for clients

It never ceases to amaze me how much the global economy has become a part of every day life for some accountants and lawyers – and just how interdependent they have become. A few weeks ago the MSI New Zealand and Australian members of MSI Global Alliance gathered in Perth for one of the regular meetings we hold each year and one of the open discussions turned to the subject of mutual work and assistance that members were providing to each other’s and also to clients of members in all parts of the world.

One member after another recounted the referrals they were working on and in the space on an hour we had heard of more than 50 client matters alone since our March 2016 meeting in Singapore. While there were a host of clients being assisted throughout Australia and New Zealand, it was all the more remarkable to hear how intricate some of the joint engagements have become. We heard about a UK client that had purchased a business in Australia and had firms in Southern England, Sydney, Auckland and Christchurch working on them. We heard from one member who had helped 22 clients of other members so far this year, we heard of referrals from Australia to Thailand and Singapore and from New Zealand to Singapore and India.

We also heard about one extraordinarily in-depth matter that was involving a growing number of MSI Member firms – relating to a New Zealand business whose trustees required work first in England and Denmark, then on to Ireland and Sweden before moving eastwards to Singapore. Continually managed out of Auckland, further assistance involved Swiss and Maltese members. It just goes to show that the global economy is a reality and that it is absolutely possible for organisations of any size to access connected professionals working in tune with one another – a fantastic exemplar of why a network of firms like MSI with a global presence but founded on local expertise, is as relevant and important as ever.

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