MSI Global Alliance member meetings

MSI Global Alliance member meetings

A short while ago we posted a video ‘Becoming an MSI Member’ from MSI Global Alliance’s London CEO, Tim Wilson. In the video, Tim covered some key points about how tough it is to join MSI as a member, the rigorous selection process and the membership requirements that the global Board has put in place. Beyond that though, he also talked a little bit about the importance of members getting to know one another and, ultimately, how this works for the benefit of the clients of those firms – businesses in all parts of the world that are doing business locally and internationally. The key to this are MSI Global Alliance Member Meetings.

So for this post, I wanted to dig a little bit into what the depth and breadth of the annual meeting schedule is. We gained Tim Wilson’s view in the previously mentioned video at the March 2016 Singapore MSI Asian Members meeting which joined up with the twice-yearly MSI Aus’NZ Members meeting. We have had a good degree of feedback since then from businesses asking about this aspect of MSI Global Alliance and is worth noting just how much effort and work goes into developing international links and co-professional understanding.

Looking at the main MSI Global Alliance website, the events section shows just how many ‘official’ MSI Meetings there are in 2016 – not to mention the many other local member meetings and gatherings, and the one-on-one member to member meetings with client businesses. While the Aus’NZ Members are locally organised with our meetings, this year alone the London MSI Secretariat has the following MSI Member meetings listed:

-North America Members Meeting – Jan 2016: Houston, TX

-Asia-Pacific Members Meeting – Mar 2016: Singapore

-Europe Middle East Africa Meeting – May 2016: Prague, Czech Republic

-Americas Regional Meeting – Jun 2016: Baltimore, MY

-Australia New Zealand Members Meeting – Aug 2016: Perth, WA

-Southern Africa Members Meeting – Sep 2016: Johannesburg, RSA

-International MSI Conference – Oct 2016: Paris, France

What was fascinating in Singapore was that, in addition to the Aus, NZ and Asia-Pacific Members present, were a significant number of members from the UK, Germany and elsewhere – all gathering to explore relationships and discuss client requirements. Replicate that situation at all the other meetings and you have an extremely connected group of professionals.

On this basis, MSI Global Alliance member meetings are a powerful forum for cross-border business – and the extent of the meetings in all parts of the world each year provides a platform for professionals (on behalf of their clients) to assess local market conditions and key stability factors – the kinds of things you can’t really pick up on websites and via email. You need to go there yourself – or have your accountant or lawyer in place, on the ground.


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