MSI is truly global

MSI is truly global.

Over the past few months i have been writing about how MSI’s Australian and New Zealand accounting and legal firm members are well suited to looking after inward investors and businesses and how they ensure local rules and issues can be dealt with and navigated with the deftness that only locals can provide.

However, the need for Australian and New Zealand clients of our local MSI members to access professional expertise in other parts of the world is the other side of the equation – and it is just as constant.

For me and our MSI members in this part of the world, the MSI Global Alliance main website if a powerful resource as it provides information on MSI member firms in literally 100 countries around the world. I often visit the site to gain unscheduled updates on some of the goings-on within MSI member firms, and to see what business intelligence i can pick up that might be useful for the MSI members and their clients in Australia and New Zealand. Looking at the site today, it struck me that MSI is truly global in scope and nature – and a leader in the provision of local knowledge. I reviewed the News & Knowledge section of the site and was struck by the depth of the first few articles that were presented to me. I saw we had expanded the membership with a new member firm in Ghana. There was an article on the changes to Costa Rica biomedical research regulatory laws. I was able to access and download a Turkey Country Report and read up to the minute information on Competition Law in Guatemala, before learning some exceedingly valuable strategies for the repatriation of profits from China. This was just scratching the surface of materials all posted with a three week window. To visit the News & Knowledge section, click on this link.

As a membership organisation for some of the best mid-sized law firms and accounting firms, it is very impressive to see what all the hard work has been for, since MSI Global Alliance started out in 1990. Just over a quarter of a century of effort has built a business support grouping that is as able as any group in the world when it comes to the provision of local knowledge into a global business environment. So, yes, MSI is truly global.

To comment or give your thoughts on MSI’s membership or if you would like a direct introduction to one of our member firms in Australia or New Zealand (or anywhere in the world for that matter), please do feel free to contact me directly by email by clicking on this email link.

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