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Face-to-face meetings

One of the things that really sets MSI Global Alliance apart from other associations, networks and alliances is the the commitment to face-to-face meetings. These meetings are important – and not just because they help the lawyers and accountants within the grouping to build relationships and get to to know one another better; they are important because they ensure the members take time to learn about the economic landscapes of different countries and jurisdictions, what the opportunities may be from a tax and ease-of-doing-business perspective. Their main reason is to broaden their knowledge to better support you, their clients and potential clients.

Two weeks ago, the Australian and New Zealand members of MSI travelled to Singapore for a four day gathering with their law firm and accounting firms counterparts from across Asia. It was actually quite something, mixing MSI member firm professionals from China, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, India, Myanmar, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Germany, the UK, the USA and the Channel Islands – 14 countries in total.

They learned more about each other and each other’s firms, they learned more about the economic landscape in each of their countries, they learned the ins and outs of tax and business reform, the intricacies that come from local experience as opposed to the words you might read on the page of a well-written report. And of course, they added additional layers of trust and understanding between each other.

The presence at the Singapore meeting of the global Chairman, CEO and Board Members showed how committed MSI Global Alliance is to face-to-face meetings between members. Founded in 1990 in the UK, these sorts of meetings were a foundation stone for cross-border collaboration. This continues to the present day and gathers pace in so many ways as more and more professionals service businesses and individuals with cross border requirements.

From a client perspective, it’s critical that your service providers have experience beyond their own borders. MSI and its face-to-face members’ meetings facilitate that.



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