Oreon Client Story: Peter Karounos

Peter Karounos is a consultant, strategist and entrepreneur who helps people and organisations grow, improve, perform and change in order to achieve success in business and in life. His consulting business has seen steady growth in a variety of industries across Australia and internationally.

Here’s a look at his story.

The Journey

Prior to starting his own business, Peter gained experience in a wide range of industries and global locations, including coaching professional sporting teams and working in various senior management positions.

As a consultant, Peter has worked with thousands of individuals, teams and businesses including Port Adelaide Football Club, SA Power Networks, Ecogen Energy, Mitsubishi Motors, SA Health, Taylors Wines, Tonkin and Westpac, as well as many other companies in industries including construction, finance and telecommunications.

Based on his experiences in life and business, Peter created his Business Success Map™ and Life Success Map™ to describe the areas and processes necessary to achieve success. These blueprints serve as the foundation for all his consulting work, as well as for his own goals.

Challenges Along The Way

Peter notes that “helping leaders lead their people, teams and organisations through change and keeping them strong”, especially during COVID, has been challenging.

This wasn’t all bad, however.

“COVID required all of us to be adaptable and to think differently about business,” he says. “It forced us to look at what we do in different ways, and that often resulted in greater efficiencies.”

Oreon Partner Jess Telford says, “COVID meant that some face-to-face sessions were cancelled or put on hold for his company.  Peter wisely spent this downtime developing his online training and development platform, which has some fantastic resources that compliment his business offering.”

Key To Success

In addition to having a successful entrepreneurial mentor in his life, Peter says that his primary key to success is, “Each day, doing one or more things better than I did yesterday.” He uses his own Business Success Map™ and Life Success Map™ as his templates for staying focused on his own goals.

When asked about advice for other business owners, Peter says, “There is a formula to achieve success. Anytime you have a problem or idea, write it on paper or a board, talk about it with others, and keep this up until you find the solution.”

Oreon’s Role In The Business Journey

Peter has been an Oreon client since 2015. In addition to compliance work, tax planning and managing Xero queries, Oreon recently assisted Peter with a restructure of his business, which will help him meet his long-term financial goals and objectives.

Peter says, “The best things about Oreon Partners are the quality and speed of their customer service, their openness and commitment to partnering in different ways, and putting on social/networking events to bring businesses together.

“They’ve taken the stress of managing my finances away and enabled me to focus on my core business.”

Future Of The Business

When asked about his future goals and ambitions, Peter says, “I want to be the ‘Tony Robbins’ of what I do. Tony Robbins is one of the most recognisable motivational speakers and life coaches in the world – I also aim to be at the top of my field.”

To learn more, visit peterkarounos.com.

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