Professionals with similar ways of working

Professionals with similar ways of working

One of the things that is always striking about the MSI Membership, when you talk to members and clients, whether interstate or international or intercontinental, is that they find the MSI member lawyers or accountants in one country or another to be professionals with similar ways of working. You might say that lawyers are trained to be lawyers and accountants are trained to be accountants so of course they are going to have similar ways of working. However, that only really scratches the surface, as it depends as much upon size of firm those professionals work for as much as it does the co-professionals and their original training.

MSI is very much a case in point – the firms selected in each market (now in well over 100 countries in all five continents) are mid-sized firms with similar client types and hence have similar ways of working with those similar client types. What is fascinating is that a mid-size firm in London (e.g. Haysmacintyre) might have 30 partners while a mid-sized firm in Melbourne (e.g. MSI Ragg Weir) might have 6 partners, and yet they are strongly equivalent as mid-sized firms with international clients.

Again, that’s because their clients are similar in their markets, with strong local businesses and – if not already doing so – then planning or aspiring to operate nationally or internationally. It works well for MSI member clients locally also within countries like Australia and New Zealand, showcasing professionals with similar style of working. While most may rely on finding networking events in their home towns such as Brisbane or Sydney, the MSI network provides quick access to a wide range of trustworthy and reliable professionals. A quick look at one of our videos from Craig Munter of MSI’s Sydney law firm Makinson d’Apice offers a great case study – in the video, Craig talks about the value that the MSI Global Alliance network provides to clients, and one of the main reasons he states (when talking about specific referral work with Melbourne law firm member Aitken Partners) is that they have ‘similar ways of working’ – and that for clients trying MSI for the first time may gain additional confidence from the rigorous vetting process that is adhered to before any firm is allowed to join to grouping.

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