Time is of the essence

At MSI Global Alliance in Australia and New Zealand, there has been a good amount of talk at our recent meetings and all-member teleconferences about the amount of work that our members are asked to carry out for the clients of other MSI members. And a common theme when we talk about many of these work requests and referrals is that the referring firm ‘needed an answer fast’. Time is of the essence.

Thinking about MSI’s point of difference at the time, it became increasingly clear that ‘fast’ is one of our key strengths, one of the key reasons why MSI has been so successful over more than 25 years. Ultimately, when one of our lawyers or accountants receives a call or an email from another member (or the member’s client) from some other part of the world, it is usually on a matter of law, or tax or audit regulation that has just cropped up in discussion – meaning that a local, on-the-ground answer is needed quickly.

A classic example occured recently with Craig Munter at our Sydney law firm member, Makinson d’Apice. He was contacted by Nova Partners, our law firm member in Marseilles in France – who needed some urgent information on how Australian Corporations law might impact the takeover their French-based client was conducting of an Australian business. In many ways, the request was a small question but the fact that Craig was able to give a fast and very specific answer to Nova Partners meant the due diligence process was not held up for days while a Sydney firm was unearthed and references checked. It goes to show that while so often the work the moves between firms is substantial in nature, the little things can often make the biggest of differences in a day-to-day work context.

In international business time is of the essence and we know that a quick response is what businesses require of their accounting, legal and tax advisers. That ‘fast’ delivery is what MSI Global Alliance members in Australia, New Zealand and around the world are all about.

For all enquiries relating to MSI Global Alliance in Australia or New Zealand, please email Charles Hornor directly.


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