Training your customers

I would be prepared to bet that you can easily increase the revenue (sales) of your business. And increasing your revenue is the best way to increase your bottom line profits! (We will leave talking about cost cutting for another day)
Do you know why I am so sure of this that I would put money on it? Because every business I see has products or services that their customers don’t know they have. In many cases even the businesses employees don’t know everything they have on offer.

You need to educate your customers about the additional products and services that you can provide. This can be done by constantly communicating with them and providing a superior level of service. Consider using a variety of methods like direct mail, email campaigns, your website, point of sale displays, or even telemarketing to inform you customers. Maybe even pick up the phone and ring them.

And make sure that your employees know your full offering too.

Do you know how often your customers buy from you? If not, could you find out by asking them? Increase the number of interactions, increase the amount they spend each time, and voila! Revenue will soar. Offer gifts, rewards or discounts for regular customers and those that refer friends or colleagues.

Does anyone want to take me on?

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