Truths to Building Trust

By Alec Blacklaw, Blacklaw Advisory & The Business Improvement Program, Melbourne.

There are a number of “Truths” that you can take-away and apply to your business right now, which will make a huge impact to building even more Trust… if properly implemented.

Your head knows this, Your heart knows this. However I suspect you’re not doing it consistently within your business, every day.

We know that great things come when we trust and feel trusted.

We do more, we are aligned, we collaborate, it feels good, we open up, we co-operate.

Consider today to be a brand new day, where you take action to Build even more Trust

It’s a new financial year in our part of the world so that’s a good reason to seize this opportunity, to begin again …as though you were starting business from scratch.

And if by chance I don’t get what you promised or I expected, you demonstrate that you will fix it, you own the situation and help me get a solution quickly.

You provide an amazing experience where people can buy what they want (and need) and you don’t sell anything… well not the way you used to. More on that later.

Close your eyes and “start all over” with everything you know today that will create a Business of Impact, where your team and your clients feel safe to express themselves and receive loads of value from everything you provide. A business where people, who believe what you believe, want to contribute and invest their energy, head and heart in the business – knowing it delivers the things that are truly important to them and which make a huge difference for them and so many others.

Its much more than building a profitable, valuable business – it will be enjoyable, for everyone.

Your Business

What will the business and the culture need to look like as you re-position and re-design “your business” to deliver a great client experience with real value at all stages of the journey?

Value that is appreciated by your team, your clients and your community.

Design and map out a Great Client Experience where you deliberately provide “Wow” moments for “Me” throughout the client journey

My journey, walk in my shoes, wear my glasses – what does it feel like?

You will create a great client experience ( CX) by design, not by accident or where “wow” happens occasionally.

The client experience has the power to define you, set your brand apart and provide the first steps to building trust with me. Then provide another moment of trust, then another… building consistently on my last good experience with you. Each better than the last.

A warning – there are no quick fixes, it’s a journey where you consistently demonstrate the things that you value in your business that are core to your “Being”.

Clarity in your communication of your purpose and strategy will allow your team and clients to “get it” 

When they get it, green shoots appear quite soon. Momentum builds, Trust Builds.

You will need to examine so called “truths” in terms of what is critical for your success and what (if anything ) really makes you special.

We know that you are probably an expert or awesome in what you do, however you may not be communicating your purpose and value so that your audience is really engaged and listening.

I may not get it, or believe it or feel it – so I bounce, I move on, I click away …quicker than ever in the digital world!

This is your responsibility – To inform and inspire me and provide a safe pathway so that we can build the first stages of Trust.

Building trust cannot be rushed and once we feel a lack of authenticity we shy away or worse still, we back off entirely

This challenge is enhanced in this disruptive and digital economy where you may never get a chance to have a one on one meeting.

You know this right? So lets build the process that demonstrates you care every step of the way. And makes it easy for your audience to provide feedback, knowing you will listen and respond honestly.

The challenge to build real trust with our team, clients and community has never been tougher. That said, it doesn’t mean you have to tackle your business challenges alone.

Be prepared to disrupt your business before someone else does

There are some brilliant businesses out there who have created amazing client experiences. You can learn from the masters, reduce the risk and give you and your business a greater chance of success.

Let me know if I can help you in any way or provide some fresh or diverse perspective of what has worked so well for so many businesses I have been privileged to work with to get outstanding results.

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