Why choose MSI

Why Choose MSI

When you look at the plethora of accounting firms and legal practices in Australia and in New Zealand, it begs the question – why choose MSI? With literally thousands of options in both professions making the right selection is fraught with complexity – especially if you are an overseas, interstate or trans-Tasman business or individual.

When we ask clients why, ultimately, they chose MSI, the reason given is consistently clear: it is the multi-disciplined nature of the membership that makes all the difference. The fact that (unlike most other professional networks and associations) MSI Global Alliance is made up of both accounting and legal firms strongly differentiates MSI. The firms are all independent of one another but they have the kind of strong working relationships that help businesses and individuals get the best out of their adviser group from moment one.

Very recently, one member reported back to us on the entry of a UK business, setting up in Australia and New Zealand for the first time. The Aus/NZ business conditions were alien to the group (although culturally they felt at home straight away), the tax systems were recognisable but needed considerable expertise to ensure the structures selected were going to work for the long term and the geographic scale were very different to what they were used to. This meant they needed local assistance from a number of firms (both legal and accounting) and the fact that the MSI membership could supply multiple legal and accounting contacts right across both countries, who all know each other and are used to working together, was the ultimate selling point.

There are many reasons for selecting professional service firms when coming to Australia and New Zealand – but this is one very recent example of ‘why choose MSI’. We always welcome contacts and questions from potential investors into Australia and New Zealand – and all members, each of whom can be reached directly via this website are ready to respond to emails or calls.

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